A Path With Heart….

As a sixty-year-old (not young) woman who is embarking in earnest on her true career, I know it’s time to bring my writing to the forefront, and to construct a daily routine that is self-centered.

Over the years, a purposeful trajectory has emerged, and along with that, a coalescing body of work that I am learning to be proud of.  The arc would have been more pronounced, however, had it been seen more directly through my eyes,and less a reflection of my relationship to others.

CreativityStew is a metaphor that conveys my love of those human endeavors that have found the perfect balance between universal truth and infinite diversity, between the sacred and the sacrilegious, between whimsy and elegance.

So what’s next?  I have no idea, but I’ll know it when I see it, or hear it, or taste it, or smell it, or touch it!



The Value of Creative Focus: just for fun!!

Even the expert scholars and practitioners in the field of Creativity and Creative Leadership, are habituated to the notion that the practices of idea formation or project visioning have no real value unless they deliver you to the destination where you believe you’re headed.

Those who have elevated to the realm of mastery or achieved the status of visionary, however, have come to realize that all Creativity and Leadership are about focusing energy in a general direction first, and then trusting that the natural outcome will be desired results and satisfying solutions.

This also means that they needed to leave the results-oriented point of view behind; they needed to embrace a self-centered approach to creation, instead.   This “self-centered” approach we can learn to recall as PLAY: exploring, wandering, daydreaming, doing nothing in particular.  Even play that is occurring with others (collaboration) is energy we have focused from within ourselves and have expressed outward toward the shared activity.

Creativity Practice: Remember back to some of your most gratifying experiences and make a list of all the learning moments and next natural steps that revealed themselves along the way.

For your listening pleasure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxXBhKJnRR8


Why Creativity Stew?

cropped-cropped-cropped-eggplants.jpgCreativity, like cooking a delicious stew, is intuitive alchemy. In the spirit of Abraham Maslow’s often repeated quote, “a first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting, “creativity is universal, even if undervalued or unrecognized among humans.

You will find here a fairly self-centered exploration of the stuff that interests me; the forgotten or ignored coincidences, anecdotes and tips-of-the-trade that weave together the journey of the creative genius. Upon closer look, this is where we find the common elements of life that bind us all.

I will explore excellence, willingness, perseverance, left-brained research, right-brained processing, elaboration and curiosity; the root of all these things is play.  In the end, there is no lasting purpose to creativity other than the experience of well-being.